Want to Advance at Work? Know Your Worth.


— Knowing your worth is crucial because it means that you can:

  • Earn what your worth
  • Land great projects, jobs, promotions and opportunities
  • Gain recognition for your achievements
  • Be seen and treated as valuable by others

—Here are three things you can do today to know your value at work:

  • 1:04 – Know your strengths
  • 2:13 – Identify the impact of those strengths
  • 3:27 – Build on your strengths and make their impact visible

— Top 3 Takeaways:

Your strengths are what you’re good at AND what you enjoy doing.
Know their impact by asking others for feedback and by connecting them to business outcomes.
Keep a brag file to keep track of your achievements and be deliberate about communicating your impact to others.


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