Women at Work: How to Spot Bias Within Yourself


— The best way to overcome bias in the workplace is to first become expert in spotting it and addressing it within yourself.  In this video, learn:

  • 0:26 – What biases are

  • 1:11– How they are problematic to business and society

  • 2:20 – Step 1: Know what your unconscious biases are

  • 3:14 – Step 2: Know how those biases show up

  • 3:58 – Step 3: Minimize your biases

  • 4:49- Step 4: Define how you want to respond

— Top 3 Takeaways:

We often use outdated and inaccurate beliefs to guide important decisions – like who gets promoted, who is listened to, how much people are worth and who has leadership potential – and this biased decision making wreaks havoc in our businesses
The best way to overcome bias at work is to first become expert in spotting them and minimizing them in yourself. You cannot expect others to do this work if you yourself are reluctant to do so
Challenge your own bias by asking powerful questions, such as: ‘How would I respond if this person were more like me?’ or ‘What objective data supports my perspective? What data refutes it?’

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