Is your Feedback Holding Women Back?


— What can you do to help women advance?

79% of men feel they must be careful and indirect when giving women feedback. In this quick-tip video, learn:

  • 0:23 – The kind of feedback women are far less likely to receive at work than men

  • 0:36 – Why the feedback we do receive is problematic

  • 0:44 – The impact of poor feedback on women’s success at work

  • 0:56 – What you can do to strengthen the feedback you give to women

— Top 3 Takeaways:

Women are less likely to receive specific feedback about their performance than are men
Vague and infrequent feedback is correlated with women’s lower performance evaluations and rates of promotion
Give better feedback by ensuring it’s timely, specific and avoids vague platitudes such as ‘great work’

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