How to Change the Way People Talk about You at Work


How do people describe you at work? Do their words REALLY capture the strengths you bring to the table? — 

In this quick tip video, learn:

0:09 – Examples of the descriptors that often signal bias

0:24 – Why words matter

0:37 – How the words used to describe men and women at work differ

1:19 – What to say to influence others to see you as you’d like to be seen

— Top 3 Takeaways:

Words matter – they’re a lens into how people think of you, and how they think of you impacts how they treat you, and ultimately, your career trajectory
We are unconsciously more likely to link women with nurturing and care-taking behaviours than we are men – often causing us to overlook the other competencies women bring to the table
The next time someone uses a descriptor you think could be potentially biased, reposition it on your own terms

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