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— consulting:

We are a boutique consulting firm specialized in making companies stronger through inclusion & diversity.


— Our approach:

1 | Diagnose –

We pinpoint your company’s exact barriers to diversity and inclusion and what’s needed to overcome them.

2 | Strategize –

We curate a customized plan to get you from where you are today to where you most want to be.


3 | Develop –

We build capability within your company to lead, hire and work inclusively

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— How we'll work together:


We get to the heart of what’s challenging inclusion and diversity in your business. We’ll look at the entire employee experience – from attraction all the way through to departure – or work with you to pinpoint the specific areas of greatest relevance. We’ll work through your numbers, understand your culture and goals, and hear from employees and/or customers about what’s working and what’s needed. You’ll attain a clear, focused picture of your inclusion and diversity pain-points today, their impact, and the areas most critical to achieving the results you want.


We’ll work with you to curate a plan completely tailored to your organization and goals. We will map out short, medium, and long-term wins that will build employee engagement, improve your metrics, and demonstrate progress to the audiences that matter most. You’ll be equipped with a clear blueprint that you need to execute efficiently, with ease and maximum impact.


We’ll equip you, your employees and teams to lead and work inclusively. Individual and group coaching programs will galvanize change and action to do and see difference, differently. Workshops will build commitment and capability to spot and overcome the common pitfalls that get in the way of inclusion and diversity. We will work with your HR group, leaders, diverse talent and teams to drive the change necessary to make inclusion a part of how you do business every day, naturally.


Some of our past development programs have included:


Individual coaching –

For change-agents and influencers. Create a personalized action plan to lead, work and make decisions inclusively. Be seen as a role model and catalyst of change.

Group coaching –

For teams and groups. Identify core actions to progress your career, work inclusively together, and inspire change in your organization. Be seen as an exemplar of inclusivity and the power of difference.

Workshops –

For leaders and teams. Know what is getting in the way of inclusion and diversity and what you can do to overcome. Be seen as awakened and committed to change.

Diverse Talent Sessions –

For diverse talent. Know what common pitfalls diverse talent experience in the world of work and what you can do to navigate with authenticity and savvy. Get what you want at work without changing who you are.

Speaking –

For organizations and their customers. Build championship of inclusion and diversity. Be seen as a progressive leader.

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if you're ready to make your business stronger through inclusion and diversity, I'd love to hear from you.