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Organization Testimonials:

Tiger de Souza Director - Volunteering, Participation and Inclusion, National Trust

"Michelle is a charismatic and engaging leader who is incredibly skilful at building strong relationships quickly. She led a ground breaking and award-winning Diversity and Inclusion programme at RICS. Through her work she initiated a series of powerful conversations focussed on celebrating difference that were challenging, stimulating and educational. It created a positive atmosphere around the inclusion agenda and resulted in significant improvements our organisational metrics on D&I."

— Tiger de Souza, Director - Volunteering, Participation and Inclusion, National Trust

Bruce Fraser - Former Vice President Global Programs and Services, BlackBerry

“BlackBerry’s (RIM) Global Cultural programs focused on driving synergy from integrated, inclusive and innovative business solutions. They provided coaching on diversity and inclusion, collaborated to improve structures, systems and process cultivating an environment to support the best performance impacting talent supply and development, cultural intelligence and market community connections. Michelle was a key member of this team and instrumental in designing and driving solutions globally to enhance the way we brought people together and engaged the business."

— Bruce Fraser - Former Vice President Global Programs and Services, BlackBerry

Julie Barker-Merz, Senior Vice-President, South Western Ontario Division, BMO Financial Group

"Michelle is a strong, thoughtful and professional leader who is always looking for ways to optimize performance. She brought deep insight and thought leadership to diversity and inclusion during her time at BMO and helped shape the direction of the company. She is action-oriented, purposeful, and results-driven while maintaining strong empathy and exemplifying deep listening skills in an effort to help make things happen. I would highly recommend Michelle."

— Julie Barker-Merz, Senior Vice-President, South Western Ontario Division, BMO Financial Group

Charyl Galpin, Chief Regulatory Officer, Wealth Management, BMO Financial Group

"As a result of our work together, our Wealth business achieved diversity goals that were strategically important to our success - including growing the number of women in key roles and equipping our people to meet the needs of a diverse client base. Michelle gave us the clarity and action plan that we needed to make measurable and meaningful change."

— Charyl Galpin, Chief Regulatory Officer, Wealth Management, BMO Financial Group



Client Testimonials:

Kelsey Queen Dobsi, Professor/Student Advisor, Creator of

"Working with Michelle is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  The day I started working with her is the day I began to feel excited about my future again. Her authenticity allowed me to be vulnerable and truly get to the heart of what I was seeking. Her questions focused on getting to the root of what was important to me, what excited me and how I felt about certain aspects of my life. She helped me to figure out where I want to pour my energy and what sets my soul on fire.

During our discussion, I realized that I had the answers to my questions all along, I just needed someone to help me find them. As a result of her coaching, I have a clearer path ahead of me, I have rediscovered the passion I once had for my life and I have implemented strategies to push me to the next level. Michelle is a genuine, passionate, inspirational woman which makes her the perfect person to coach you through your endeavors."

— Kelsey Queen Dobsi, Professor/Student Advisor

Creator of

Hayley Moore, Global Workflow Team Manager

"Michelle's coaching sessions have boosted my confidence in ways I did not expect. From a Skype screen, I have managed to link with someone across the Atlantic and discuss everyday challenges within my work life. Michelle has asked me difficult questions to help assess my challenges and we have worked together on simple steps to overcome them. 

The sessions have been completely impartial/ confidential and I have felt comfortable to talk openly and honestly about myself and organisation. Michelle listens intently and offers great insight into my skills and abilities, recognising my core values and working with these to build up my confidence. These small steps have made a huge difference to how I approach my work-life balance and will continue to do so in the future."

— Hayley Moore, Global Workflow Team Manager

Claudia Gale, Senior Search Partner

Through our sessions, Michelle has helped me identify and define key challenges that were holding me back professionally and personally and define areas where I wanted to grow. She created a safe and comfortable environment to explore, listened without judgment, and asked perceptive questions that helped to unlock meaningful insights. Michelle guided our conversations in a way that felt organic, and her suggestions for additional reading and homework were totally relevant and complementary. I have gotten tremendous value out of our coaching sessions and have seen significant impact to how I approach my work and personal relationships.

— Claudia Gale, Senior Search Partner

Fiona O'Brien  Product Manager

"Starting out in the workforce I had big dreams about thriving in a career that I was passionate about and that I would love going to on a daily basis. I felt like I had all this passion and drive to do great things however, over the years I ended up going from one role to another and feeling like I wasn’t fully living out the dream. Eventually it took a toll on my ability to have a vision for the future and ultimately effect progression in my current job. Not having a vision or a plan I felt lost on what to do next. I found I had many external stress factors that made me feel paralyzed in my current role - like supporting my family, having job security, and living up to others’ expectations of success.

The goal of finding happiness in my professional career took a back seat, until I started working with Michelle. Coaching has not only changed my professional life but has had a huge positive impact on my personal well being too. Our sessions always left me feeling motivated with a new perspective and approach to tackling the challenges ahead. I really enjoyed the way Michelle was able to integrate emotional intelligence, what is important to me and professional realism, how this affects my career in order to work through some of my challenges. With Michelle’s continuous encouragement, unbelievable support and tailored approach I can confidently say receiving coaching has been the smartest career move I have ever made. As a result of us working together, I have been able to advance in my career in a direction that allows me to see what was once a dream can be a very realistic reality. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and can’t imagine achieving it without Michelle’s guidance, support and expertise."

— Fiona O'Brien, Project Manager

Alexandra Soares Senior Manager, Workforce Solutions

"My experience with Empowered Coaching and Michelle was a defining‎ and (indeed!) very empowering time in my career and life. Michelle's coaching led me to better understand myself, my ambitions, my responses to stress, and my true strengths. I remember the first "aha" moment after a particular breakthrough we had, and how I was left feeling not only enlightened, but sincerely grateful that I could move forward with a better sense of what really drives me. Throughout our sessions, Michelle was patient, showed kindness and empathy, and most of all, was endlessly encouraging.

I would recommend her with confidence and know that she will undoubtedly enhance the life of anyone she works with."

— Alexandra Soares, Senior Manager, Workforce Solutions


"Michelle has been a fantastic coach and true thought partner in my journey. She is an amazing listener and extremely attentive. Michelle asks pointed and meaningful questions pertinent to my specific journey and gives me the room to unpack them. She is also greatly supportive in what it takes - vulnerability, time, sometimes rambling - to get to the core of an issue without pushing me. She is patient and kind. Her support and guidance has aided me in finally asking myself tough questions about what my values are and whether they are being served in my professional and personal life.

I know and can honestly attest that Michelle wholeheartedly cares for me, and my successful development and happiness on this journey and has greatly supported me through it."

— Samantha B, Business Analyst